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Best Cooperative Software

A premium product for all type of cooperatives including saving and credit, multipurpose, agricultural, production and more…….. 

LekhastraInventory & Accounting


Inventory and Accounting

Software for all type of small, medium and large business including departmental stores, stockist, suppliers, production factory and more ……… 


Digital Collection

Field Collection made easy

Digital collection is integrated in FinAstra which is useful for those cooperatives that have daily collections from the market with the collector

FinAstra is a blending word from English and Sanskrit languages. “fin” refers to the finance where “astra” is the divine weapon to win the battle. So FinAstra is the cooperative’s astra in financial management. The software has been designed and developed after long research on the problems of financial management of the cooperative in the context of Nepal. Ground realities of cooperatives management have been analyzed during the research and development.

One of the major goals of the company is to standardize the management system of the cooperatives run by rural women groups, labor organizations, micro-entrepreneurs and retailers to meet the criteria provisioned by the cooperative act and accounting standard of Nepal.

Feature Highlights

  • English & नेपाली Language

    It can be operated in both Nepali and English Languages.

  • Web based application

    It is a web based application and can be used in the cooperative having multiple branches.

  • Mobile & SMS Banking

    Mobile Banking integration with M-Bank and other payment gateway. SMS and Internet banking facility

  • Automatic Cloud Backup

    Automatic database backup with cloud sync

  • Graphical Reports

    Graphical Reports of Members, Transaction, Saving, Loan, and more ........

  • Inbuilt Utility Payment System

    Utility Payment integration with wide range merchent payments eg. Telephone, Electricity, Mobile Recharge, Internet, Drinking Water Supply, Air-ticketing, Television subscription etc.

  • Check Printing and management

    Check Printing and management features with paper adjustment

  • Perls and other advanced reports

    Perls and other 120+ reporting features. user set advanced reports

  • Pay-roll management

    Pay-roll management with TDS, SSF calculation other settings with organizational need

  • Digital collection integration

    Digital collection integration with paperless daily collection and syncing directly from the field.

  • Remittance

    Remittance adjustment with easy way for time saving

  • Stock and Inventory integration

    Stock and Inventory integration for cooperative shops, production and processing business.

The term LekhAstra also the blending term from Nepali and Sanskrit language that is combination of लेखा + अस्त्र  = लेखास्त्र  which means the divine weapon of book keeping along with stock management. In other words it is an Inventory Management System (IMS) which is a real-time inventory database for a warehouse, dealers, retailers, processing and production houses and capable of connecting multiple stores.

This can be used to track the inventory of a single store, or to manage the distribution of stock between several branches of a larger franchise.  However, the system records sales and restocking data of any business firm, departmental store, dealers, stockists, factory and provides a bunch of notifications of all over transactions. Following are the major features of the  LekhAstra. 

Feature Highlights

  • Standard Accounting System

    LekhAstra has standard accounting system with the double entry record system and compliance with government of Nepal

  • Stock Management System

    Stock management system with all types of business from manufacturing, dealer, retailer, supermarket and more ......

  • Manufacturing record system

    Manufacturing record system is quite different than supplying goods. LekhAstra contains features of raw materials, processing and outputs

  • IRD billing

    IRD billing standard and approved by the Department of IRD

  • Membership Card Integration

    Membership card integration for cooperatives and other departmental stores that have members facilities

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse management is fully integrated with other business processes such as transportation, manufacturing, purchase, transfer, sales, and returns.

  • Multitenant Technology

    The multitenant application design was created to enable multiple users (tenants) to access the same application logic simultaneously.

  • Real time notifications

    Realtime notification for manager level groups about the stock, daily sales, warehouse status and more .......

Digital collection is an integrated mobile application with Finastra which is used for daily saving collection and issuing loans in accordance with the terms and conditions provisioned from the cooperative. Digital collections is useful for those cooperatives that have daily market collections schemes. It also has features like opening accounts from the field and issuing small scale loans directly to the members. Features and Advantages of Digital Collection system are

  • It replaces the paper forms

    Digital collection is more flexible and advanced in daily saving collection than the paper forms

  • It improves the efficiency of the agent

    It improves the working performance of the collector or the agent in data inputs and achieving more accuracy.

  • It is fast and time saving

    It reduces double entry hassle from the traditional methods of paper collection by syncing directly from the network or wi-fi connection.

  • It can provide the mini-statemen

    Digital collection provides facility to the members to view their mini-statement of the transaction in the field