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FinAstra, the best cooperative software in Nepal

finastra best cooperative software in NepalFinAstra is a cooperative software developed by Pratham IT System that helps manage the day-to-day operations of cooperatives. It can help automate many of the manual processes involved in cooperative management, such as accounting, inventory management, and member management, loan processing and many more.

Why to choose FinAstra ?

  1. Improved Member Management: FinAstra software allows you to manage all your members’ information in one place, making it easier to keep track of their share, loan, deposits and other relevant data.
  2. Streamlined Accounting: With FinAstra software, you can automate many of the accounting processes, such as salary and rent management, dividend calculation and year close and tracking expenses. This can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your cooperative.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Finastra cooperative software can help automate many of the manual processes involved in cooperative management, such as record-keeping, reporting, installment and loan alert notification and data analysis. This can help reduce errors, save time, and increase overall productivity.
  4. eServices: Finastra is step ahead among other cooperative software in Nepal for sms integration, mobile banking and other utility payment service from CBS
  5. Enhanced Security: FinAstra cooperative software provides a secure platform for storing and managing sensitive data.

Feature Highlights

  • English & नेपाली Language

    It can be operated in both Nepali and English Languages.

  • Web based application

    It is a web based application and can be used in the cooperative having multiple branches.

  • Mobile & SMS Banking

    Mobile Banking integration with M-Bank and other payment gateway. SMS and Internet banking facility

  • Automatic Cloud Backup

    Automatic database backup with cloud sync

  • Graphical Reports

    Graphical Reports of Members, Transaction, Saving, Loan, and more ........

  • Inbuilt Utility Payment System

    Utility Payment integration with wide range merchent payments eg. Telephone, Electricity, Mobile Recharge, Internet, Drinking Water Supply, Air-ticketing, Television subscription etc.

  • Check Printing and management

    Check Printing and management features with paper adjustment

  • Perls and other advanced reports

    Perls and other 120+ reporting features. user set advanced reports

  • Pay-roll management

    Pay-roll management with TDS, SSF calculation other settings with organizational need

  • Digital collection integration

    Digital collection integration with paperless daily collection and syncing directly from the field.

  • Remittance

    Remittance adjustment with easy way for time saving

  • Stock and Inventory integration

    Stock and Inventory integration for cooperative shops, production and processing business.

Looking For Best Cooperative Software in Nepal?

Cooperative software is a valuable investment for any cooperative in Nepal. It can help you manage your cooperative more efficiently, reduce errors, and increase productivity. With FinAstra cooperative software, you can streamline your operations, automate many of your manual processes, and improve collaboration among members for overall welfare of the cooperative members.

So why wait? Invest in reliable cooperative software today and take your cooperative management efforts to the next level!

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